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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 19, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PST

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>> overnight firefighters respond to a storage unit in campbell. i will have the details coming up in a live report. >> president obama is scheduled to launch a task force. the national rifle association is speaking out. >> we will have details straight ahead. in the bay area we are waking up to cold weather. it is freezing outside. when you lived at
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napa and vallejo there in the upper 20s. >> temperatures are at 28 degrees but the windshield is that 23 degrees. oakland is at 35 degrees. they have actually warmed up since last hour. the same thing is for hayward. san francisco was the mormon spot at 41 degrees. we do have a freeze morning in affect for the north bay area. there is a frost revisory for the bay shore line and into your east bay until 8:00 a.m.. right now is 7 01 a.m.. >> we are not tracking any hot spots right now. here is a quick bridge check. the
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toll plaza is not too bad. it is about a 13 minute drive time out of the east shore freeway. it is about 18 to 20 minutes if you are coming from the macarthur mayes. highway 92 has not seen a spike in drive time. you can still get a cross in about 11 to 13 minutes. the golden gate bridge is an easy trip and still and easy ride on 1 01 southbound. >> on to our developing story. a body in an apartment complex was found. kron 4 urs will tran has been following the latest. >> around 1:00 the morning someone here off a teen is drive called the fire department after they noticed a fire in a storage unit. here is video earlier and they allow us to get a
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little closer. there is not a lot of damage but these are just items of the fire department brought out the was doused with water. while there were fighting the fire they notice a body was inside the storage unit. they stated that they're not sure if this person actually lives at this apartment complex. the body had burns to the body and they're not sure whether not this is the reason a person died. it will be of to the corner to do the autopsy. they're still investigating whether not this person was a resident. >> they're not sure if someone was fully clothed in just enter the storage unit. they're not sure if it is a man or a woman. they are waiting for people to wake
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up so that they could talk to possible witnesses. if they stated they are not thinking that this was a suspicious fire. >> a lockdown at san jose city college has been lifted after officers spent several hours searching the campus for a reported gunmen. the campus was locked down kron 430 yesterday afternoon after school officials receive reports of an alleged armed suspect on campus. city college and san jose police searched the campus for nearly three hours and did not find a suspect. police say there were no reports of gunshots. city college officials said that plazas will continue as normal today. >> president obama will launch an administration wide effort today to create new policies aimed at preventing a another mass school shooting. vice-
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president joe biden will head the push for gun legislation. the president is expected to announce the a effort from the white house. white house aides say that president obama is likely to pursue some tightening of gun laws, including a ban on assault style weapons. he is also likely to seek ways to improve mental health resources and school safety. >> the national rifle association says that it will hold a news conference on friday. the nation's largest gun rights lobby say he did not comment on the connecticut school shooting out of respect for the families and as a matter of common decency. it now says it will offer meaningful contributions to make sure that such a tragedy does not happen again. >> this is really beyond words.
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>> six more victims will be honored at funerals and remembered today. the family of principal don hochsprung invited mourners to visit a local funeral home this afternoon. another teacher, victoria soto, will be buried today. funeral also scheduled for 3 children, why visitation in prayer vigil will be held for another child. >> the students who survived the mass shooting at sandy hooke elementary will return to class in the new year at a school in a neighboring town. the students will attend chalk hill school and the town of monroe but 8 mi. away from new town. chalk hill has not been used as a school since
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june of 2011. volunteers and town officials have been making it suitable for elementary school students. >> we are learning more this morning about the shootings. connect his medical examiner says that nancy lands the was shot in the head four times what she was asleep. if the gunmen adam lanza is believed to have shot himself in the front of the head. relatives have denied that lands the attended said the cook. a school administrator and former classmate both say that he did. lance up was home school for some of his schooling. >> this state has been touched by too many gun licenses. in january of 1989 a deranged gunman stepped into the ground of clean the middle school in stock in california and fired at
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least 306 bullets from an ak-47 rifle across school yard. he killed five children ages 6 to 9. he killed one teacher and he injured 29 other students before he fatally shot himself. this horrific crime led california to enact the assault weapon ban. california still remembers this tragedy just as the nation does. will always remember the victims of sandy hooke elementary school. i know what it means when someone close to you suddenly is taken away. my family was touched by the brutal mass shooting in 1993. a crazed gunman with that assault weapon killed eight people and wounded another six. one of those people was a lawyer who threw his body over his wife and sacrifice his life first. that young man was
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one of my son's best friends and so i can tell you without a shadow of doubt how these horrific senseless crimes live on with the survivors for ever. this changes the lives of the family forever. 19¢ 99 since the incident happened in columbine. 258 students, teachers, and others have been killed in school shootings. another 200 and will have been wounded. this is all due to gun violence in schools. i will break down some of those crimes.
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in 2005 shooting in minnesota left 10 dead and five injured. and thomas school house shooting in pennsylvania in 2006 left six dead and five injured. a gunman killed 33 and wounded 23 others at virginia tech in 2007. earlier this year several were killed and three were injured at oakland waco's university. we must act and whoever criticizes me or others for saying so, that we should add. whoever says that this is dr. ragtime then i say this, when is the right time? >> i will show you a number. look at this number, this is the population of the united states of america. this is a
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representation of the 300 million firearms in the united states today. nearly one gun per person. i say now is the right time to talk about this. more than 31,000 people die each year from gun violence. let me say this again, these are the last numbers from 2009. 31,000 people died in that year alone. 87 people die every single day. i thought that the vietnam war was wrong. every year 31,000 people to be killed. we must talk about a noun and that
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is what i am going and i am proud for the senator. i am proud of the president for doing what he is joined. we must all talk about this now but here is the thing. we have to do more than talk because we have talked before and we have cried before. we have to act and to me there are several things that we need to do. let me list what we need to do. first, we have to take the war off of our streets. we have to take the weapons of war also hours streets. the senators have the bills. second, we must ensure that local law enforcement is involved in revealing the concealed weapons permits.
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the local sheriff or the police chiefs have to sign on if they want to concealing carry a weapon. third, we must close the loopholes. back on checks must be done on everyone. fourth, we must keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill people and get them help. finally, what i want to talk to you today about this front and center. we must keep our schools safe by utilizing all the law enforcement tools at our disposal. 300 million weapons are on our streets. there in homes and sometimes brought on the streets. we can not figure out how to reduce this. most of these
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laws will be perspective. what i call it is in the meantime strategy. we have to keep our schools safe. when our children and grandchildren are at school we have to have faith that they're safe. look at what we have here when we come into the buildings. our families, all of our families. i am introducing new bills to protect our children. the first one is part of a violence against children that was written a long time ago. it is called the school safety act. it will help schools utilize the existing task program to help schools with more resources to install surveillance equipment and tip lines and other metal
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detectors. it is a 5050 match. this bill allows the justice system. the bill also creates a joint task force with the justice department and the department of education to develop a better school guideline to protect the school spirit we should not have to keep reinventing this. we should know what works and what does not work. my second bill is a new idea. it is called essex all as. it is called save our students. this allows governors to use guards to assist with policemen. we take a successful program and we say that we will add a new purpose. national guard
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troops can be used to help support local law enforcement agencies in protecting the children and there is school. this may take the form of additional guards as cool as well as capital improvements. that will have to strengthen the safety of the schools. they will remain under the command of the government. >> the national guard has written in their latest manual that they are particularly well-suited for domestic law enforcement support. they stated that it is located in over 3000 communities across the nation. they are experience
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with supporting neighborhoods. this is a quote from the national guards. this way congress will approve a bill that i do support. they will spend $640 billion on national-- >> this was a live issue from the cumbersome. this is the way for them to go in the wake of the shooting at sandy hooke elementary school. we will be right back.
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>> this 7:22 a.m.. >> the temperatures are at 29 degrees in napa of. it feels like 23 degrees. it is 27 degrees for santa rosa. it is a lower 40's for downtown san francisco. this
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is true warmus spot. a sunnyvale is coming in at 34 degrees. it is 20s and the north bay. there is a free sworn in until 8:00 a.m.. i will let you know more about that and the changes that are coming. >> as will look first at the bay bridge. if there is no problems. we do have a wind advisory. it is 18 to 22 minutes. the san mateo bridge ride is starting to see some slowing. is just a 15 minute drive time. it has not yet began to slow. as will track your ride around the bay there are no hot spots for the east shore freeway. your drive looks good for interstate 580 as well. >> we will be right back.
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>> the white house says that president barack obama would be told house speaker john boehner's plan be proposal for expanded tax cuts for people making up to up $1 million. plan b was the speaker's plan to at
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least keep taxes from rising on most americans should a full deal including spending cuts not be reached by december 31st. which is just a week and have a way. so it appears is a full deal or nothing to deal with the fiscal cliff. >> will be right back.
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>> we are back. here is a live look at the james lick freeway. it is clear but what you cannot see is how cold it is. >> the morning james, i had to crank up my heat in the car. here is why. the temperatures are at 27 degrees. napa is improving at 29 degrees. the windshield is at 23 degrees. vallejo is up to upper 20s. oakland has improved to 35 degrees. downtown san
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francisco is at 41 degrees. we're talking mid 30's for redwood city. for the rest of today as we get through the cold conditions which do have a frost advisory, freeze morning until 8:00 a.m.. rain is on the way and i will let you know when it is coming. >> we will take a quick look at the south bay freeway. here you see 101 in the northbound direction is the only slow spot. caltran has updated that they still have lanes blocked on highway 9 near ben lomond. late last night a tree when down in there maybe power lines that are out with it. highway 9 is still blocks. >> there is a closed door
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hearing. congress is hearing from members of an independent panel that the blame the leadership because they did not have adequate security on the u.s. diplomatic in libya. an unclassified version stated that they are responsible for what happened in been gauze. >> but sales at one gunshot in livermore are through the roof. randy the owner stated that the sales at his shop has skyrocketed because people are concerned about their own protection and the possible changes with the gun laws on ford. he stated that in the past he was ill from 10 to 20 t per day. he
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stated since yesterday's he has sold at least 100 t. he still uses the discretion of will he would sell the gun to. >> meanwhile school safety is on the mind of the nation and and students got that notion from the police. chief jordan stated that he would like the children to know that the police are approachable, responsible and that they will keep them safe at home, on the streets and when they're at school. it i read all the let letters personally and i was moved by them. if chief howard jordan says that this trip was planned before the newtown shouldn't happen. he stated that he did not talk about the incident and
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that the children did not ask about. >> dozens of people gathered in pleasanton's amaral park. tomorrow the loss of us young lives in last week's connected shooting. they some songs, parade and the candles. they bought together to express their pain. >> the visual was put together by the mohr elementary parent teacher association. the pta also collected pictures, ponds, letters and donations which will be sent to the families of the victims and connecticut. >> the search is on in morgan hill for a bank robber. police released a
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photo from a surveillance camera. police say, that the man robbed the wells fargo bank at the corner of monterey road and main street about 145 saturday afternoon. he passed a note to a teller, demanded money and said that he had a gun. no gun was scene and no one was hurt, but the man escaped with an undisclosed amount cash. and was last seen heading south on my road. >> police also searching for a man who robbed a bank in belmont. these are photos taken from the bank surveillance video from the bag on ralston ave. according say that the suspect entered the bank and demanded money from a teller before running off. no one was hurt. bake employees describe the suspect as a white male adults between 8 to 25 to 35 years old. he is between 5 ft. nine and 6 ft. tall. >> a spike in both
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residential and although burglaries has residence on guard in morgan hill. since november 1st there have been in nine residential robberies and at least 14 auto break-ins. the significance spike in burglaries has been in the green leaf neighborhood, just north of east dunne avenue. police and volunteers went door to door with fliers advising residents with advice about locking the doors, securing property and keep the valuables in cars out of sight. >> san francisco recreation and parks department has begun demolition on the fl eishhaker pull building. the san francisco landmark on the great highway, have been closed for years before it became a victim of a fire
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on december 1st. days later, architecture experts determined that the bill and is unsafe and it requires demolition. >> we will be right back.
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>> welcome back we are watching wall street. the dow was up over a hundred points yesterday. there is word that the president will veto plan be periods this is the backup plan that congress has been pushing. if no deal is reached then the president will veto any plans. the dow is down by 63 >> a judge has ordered that
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a man charged with firing 54 shots outside of a southern california mall be held without bail. marcos sarinana gurrola charged tuesday with 54 counts of discharging a gun in public and two counts of assault related to the shooting at the newport beach mall last week. he was also charged with 10 more pounds after prosecutors linked him to a similar shooting in 2011 at the same mall. no one was hit in either shooting. he is scheduled to be arraigned next month. the >> mass killers a target americans once every two weeks on average, and attacks that range from rory's to horrific public shooting sprees like the massive camassacre in connectic. this is according to a report just released by u.s. a today. this is according
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to accounts that fbi records used from 2006 through 2010, the most recent years for which complete records were available, the report identified 156 murders that met the fbi definition the mass killings, where four or more people were killed. >> six months after the federal government had cancer to the list of sicknesses covered by the world trade center fund, a new study has found no clear link between cancer and the dust, debris and fumes that were released or 911. the study examined more than 55,000 people who were exposed to the dust and fumes near the world trade center site. researchers say overall, there was no increase in the cancer rate of those study compared with the rate of the general population after looking at 23 cancers from 2003 to
7:43 am
2008. >> secretary of state and hillary clinton will not testify at an upcoming congressional hearing on benghazi on her based on her doctor's advice. clinton is sending a top state department deputies in her place to march. doctors say that clinton had the stomach flu. clinton also suffered a concussion last week after she fainted. >> we will be right back. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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>> it is 7:44 a.m.. president obama will launch a gun control task force today. the administration wide effort will create new policies aimed at preventing another mass school shooting. the president has named vice president joe biden to head the task force. white house aides say that president obama is not expected to announce any policy decisions today. >> right now here is a live look at the golden gate bridge it is clear. >> the cold spots are in the north bay. temperatures are still in the '20s. it feels like it is 23 degrees with the windshield. it is 28 degrees for vallejo and
7:47 am
oakland is at 35 degrees. san francisco has cool down to 40 degrees. fremont in sunnyvale are at 33 degrees. pleasanton is now at 29 degrees. it is definitely cold outside. and basically is really cold outside we are concerned about the sensitive plants that may be outside. otherwise it will be a lot of sunshine. this evening we are expecting an increase in clouds. this is a good thing as far as the temperatures are concerned. >> tomorrow morning it will not be as cold. here's a look at your satellite and radar. if we brought this out you will see that the northwest that hammered with wang. we will give some of
7:48 am
this precept later on today. it may be as early as tonight. here is a look at your future cast 4. at 8:00 p.m. we should be dry for the most part. the clouds will start to increase and that was as light chance for rain later on tonight here is >>t. >> we have moderate to heavy ride and it will been a little bit more widespread come late thursday and friday morning. you will definitely need your umbrellas. >> it is 52 degrees for san rafael and oakland is a question to the mid-50s. 53 degrees for hayward and redwood city brea. your kron 47
7:49 am
day around the bay stated that there will be changes along the way. thursday and friday will is breezy conditions for saturday and sunday. we will see showers. christmas eve looked dried the same for christmas day. it is 7:48 a.m.. >> we are going to start at the traffic maps. there are a few incidents. the traffic is light even with this accident at interstate 80 at central. the drive time as the 23 minutes. it usually is at 32 minutes this time of morning. the rest of the east bay is not doing that. it is mostly green on the roadway sensors. the south
7:50 am
bay freeway is much lighter than usual. it is a good ride for you there. your commute for the north bay 1 01 southbound is showing some heavy traffic. the drive time is still under 32 minutes to the golden gate bridge. >> the golden gate bridge is not a bed ride. it is 16 minutes from the mimicked freeway. is 18 to 20 minutes of your coming from the macarthur mayes. the drive time is still up 11 to 13 minutes. the golden gate bridge ride at 1 01 southbound is still problem free. >> forty-niners quarterback colin kaepernick has been named nfc offensive player
7:51 am
of week 15. making just the fifth nfl start, kaepernick passed for 216 yds and threw for touchdowns to help the niners clinch a playoff seed. handing the patriots their december 1st home loss in a decade. it was the first four touchdown game by the 49ers quarterback since jeff garcia did in 2003. san francisco is a 10- 3-1. >> the oakland athletics have agreed to terms of a two-year contract with shortstop hiroyuki nakajima of japan's sebu lions. the deal runs through 2014 season includes eight club
7:52 am
option for 2015. he would fill a big boy for oakland, which traded away the shortstop and second baseman cliff pennington to arizona in october 21st trade that brought outfielder chris young to a spirit >> the golden state warriors continue their winning ways. after returning home from their most successful road trip since the 1970's going six and one. the warriors beat the new orleans the hornets won 03 to 96 at the or call our ring up. the warriors built a 14 point lead in the second quarter and held off on his late. golden state is 17 and 8 on the season and off to their best are since the 1991 to '92 season. >> a female college basketball player in santa clara has been the center of attention. 51 year-old
7:53 am
gabrielle ludwing joined the mission college basketball team earlier this month. but that is not heard h that is making the headlines. until july of this year, gabrielle was a man. several fans got their first glimpse of her in action last night began stockton's a delta college. she is 6 ft. 7. though some across that this seems fair for the team to let her play. she has not ruled out playing at a four year program. >> police in los angeles have arrested they do not they believe faked 911 call sending emergency crews to celebrity not celebrity home home such as ashton kushner
7:54 am
and justin beeper. working with fbi police say that the suspect was using his computer to hack into systems and report boat is in emergencies. the caller had a call at ashton kush's home happened in october. it reported that there were guns and explosives that residents and several police were shot.
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>> is a happy holiday for more than 100 children who got the chance to shop for whatever they wanted. kron 4 urs felicia reid has a store from old navy's flagship store in san francisco. >> each child has a hundred dollar gift card. >> i bought me a hat and scarf and some long sleeved shirts. >> i bought my favorite
7:58 am
shirt. this is my favorites are. >> this partnership has a lot of people. all the children who participate in this event are form glide family services. >> the time now is 7:57 a.m.. here is a live look as we wake up to freezing temperatures. this is live in san francisco. half moon bay is currently at 37 degrees. san francisco is at 41 degrees. we will be
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>> thank you for joining us. the top stories this was a, december 19th. president obama is launching a gun control task force this morning. this is to prevent another tragedy like the new town one from happening again. >> san jose people are bundling up. will have a another report on the weather. >> we are starting to see some warm-up for oakland. san francisco meanwhile is cooling down from 41 to 40 at this time. we're making some improvements and napa up. it is still very cold. the windshield is at 23.
8:02 am
mid-20s for fairfield. antioch's at 37 degrees. concord is that the freezing level at 32 degrees. there is a lot of 30's and 20's. the north bay is the coldest. and this is where the freeze warning is that. frost advisory is in affect for the bay shoreline and interior eastern bay. this is still about 8:00 a.m.. the coldest temperature will be at sunrise. we will see temperatures continue to fall. we talked so much about hotspots and we will do something different. >> since the bay bridge this morning is hardly any backups from the westbound commute. if this is your
8:03 am
normal ride the you can head out now and you will have no problems. the drive time is at 16 minutes. >> more now on the cold weather. we have will tran joining us. >> are you kidding me! i am just want to call this the coldest day of the year. i am out here shivering. i just saw someone jogging past we would shorts on. i just cannot believe it!. he stated that he just cannot job fast enough trips they are bringing out coffee. they have metal chairs out here and i do not believe no one will sit outside today. >> a few minutes ago i got reaction from people who were out here and they stated that they were surprised at how cold it was. >> i cannot open my car
8:04 am
doors this morning. i need a bigger raj. >> when you got out of your garage. >> how could not have a jacket on today? >> can you believe your friend has objected on? >> are you want to give her your jacket? >> no. >> she basically said that her friend is on our kron. she stated that if her friend asked her for her jacket there are no longer friends. >> at 03 a.m. as the time.
8:05 am
a lot down as san jose city college has been lifted after officers spent several hours searching the campus for a reported gunmen. the campus was lot down around for 30 yesterday afternoon after school officials received reports of an alleged armed suspect on compass. police say that there were no reports of gunshots. city college officials said that class's will continue as normal today. >> six more victims of a new town schools should and will be honored at funerals and remembrances today, including the school principal was killed with 20 of her students and five other staff members at sandy hooke elementary school. the family of principal and dawn hochsprung invited mourners to visit a local funeral
8:06 am
home this afternoon. another teacher, and victoria soto, will be buried today. fruit are also scheduled for three other children, while a visitation and prayer vigil will be held for another child. >> the students will survive the mass shooting at sandy hooke elementary will return to class as in the new year at a school in a neighboring town. the students will attend chalk hill school in the town of monroe about 8 mi. away from new town. chalk hill has not used this school since june of 2011. >> we are learning more this morning about the shootings. connecticut's medical examiner says that nancy lanza was shot in the head
8:07 am
four times what she was asleep. the gunmen at a glance the is believed to have shot himself in front of the head. relatives have denied that lanza attended sandy hooke but school administrators and other former classmates say that he did a tender. >> joe biden is on to head the task force and the president is going to announce this information at 11:45 a.m. our time. he stated that he would try to put a ban on assault style weapons. and he would like have school safety is reviewed. once we get this will bring it to you live. >> it is a 06 a.m.. justin time for a holiday thousands of groceries are being given away in san francisco. here are some of the people that are taking advantage of this. mike pelton how is it going out there?
8:08 am
>> this is the hope of here. many of these people waited from 9:00 last night and day are getting their free groceries. the line is pretty long and you can see that this is the background of the shop we are . these peope waiting to get their hands on one of these bags. glide plans to hand these out and they come with either chicken, turkey or ham. they do this every year and this is a great turnout. >> this is something that we'd do not normally pay attention to. we do not talk about this as much because thwe live in california.
8:09 am
there is not allowed access to food and a lot of people here do need help. >> this runs until 1230 or until they're one awful. they have about 5500 of these. nicosia underscoring that the demand is very high. they have had to shut down some of the roads. you should keep this in mind if you use this as your normal commute. >> back here in the new is room there are events where congress woman pelosi wants to get ben's lifted so that this will help curve the tragedies that have happened as goals. >> many of the family
8:10 am
members calls are with us and if we work with the demonstration we should be able to do this in a bipartisan way. these are the steps that we all want to take and members have expressed their concerns. the assault weapon ban and stressing the background checks. we will address the issue of mental health so that the weapons in the hands of these people cannot be given. we will be addressing the issue of violence in our society. a even as we tackle the
8:11 am
concerns it is important to know that these actions do not eliminate the need to ban assault weapons. ron barber will bring his own personal story and this is the anniversary for him. the tragedy in new town stuck with everyone in america. we can get the job done if wade calibrate this legislation. we mourned the loss of precious children. >> we mourn the loss of the teachers, counselors and the principle of the school. we owe them to do everything in our power to take action to
8:12 am
prevent gun violence and to make sure that our schools and neighborhoods are safe. >> this is a minority leader and nancy pelosi. she will tell us what will go forward with the control in america. president obama will speak at 1145 of the same issue. we will bring alive when he comes up. >> we will be rare bacteria
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8:14 am
am not 813 and we're covering how cold it is this morning.
8:15 am
>> it is cold out there. santa rosa 49, navato 38 at this hour. it is very cold out there, some of the cold weather we have seen. almost all year long. not quite the coldest day yet. daly city is at 36. sam francisco is the warmest spot. pleasanton 29 degrees. up north we have the coldest conditions and that is where we have a freeze on warning in effect. it expired this morning at 8:00 but it is still a very cold start. lots of sunshine and this evening an increase in clouds. that is a good thing, it will help keep the warmth of the day insulated. the night will not be as cold as well as tomorrow
8:16 am
morning. satellite and radar showing we have some clouds and a storm system in the northwest. it is heading south towards us starting late tonight, tomorrow, and into friday. future cast four it shows tonight there is a slight chance for some rain in the north bay. tomorrow, a better chance for rain in san serve roseau. we will have better chance tomorrow for rain. by thursday night, a little more widespread north of the golden gate. we could also see moderate to heavy rain. 54 right now in oakland 53 and downtown san francisco. a few degrees below the average high. 7 day around the bay forecast is cloudy, breezy, rainy for thursday. the weekend is looking to be unsettled. is no bomb scare report set out how the base
8:17 am
is 36 in.. north star five to 8 in. of new snow. also up to 8 in. of fresh powder. >> let's talk about that powder and check the conditions and sierra out live with jim a cap line. >> don't act like it's too cold out there it was one degree when i got here. >> mathat is great snowmaking conditions no >> yes we like the conditions. they are top notch. scott and alpine and like you said the cold as is bringing amazing snow. what every skier likes to hear, multiple power days and had >> what about when? --wind
8:18 am
>> it is looking good, the wind in the trees and not even blowing. >> what kind of deals the have coming up this weekend? >> this one caught my eye, there is not easily a lot of deals over christmas break. the mines have interpreted this friday to be the end of the world so we decided to say if we make it through this friday go to the web site and by $22 lift tickets. that is more than half off for this saturday. >> what about only drive up there? any advice? >> the big thing i noticed was all lot of people try to get to the chain checks without chains. they are sliding all over the roads.
8:19 am
you will not make it up here without those. it is a simple 15 minute stop. you can pay someone to put them on. i say, make sure you have chains. >> don't throw caution into the wind. more than likely we will be out there on saturday. >> 8:18 a.m. is the time and we will be back in a couple of minutes. >> a live look at denver and the snow is coming down. is the first big snowstorm of the season. they're expecting blizzard conditions across the midwest. a lot of travel and headaches expected from the rockies to the midwest over the next couple of days. >> we have our bay area's celebration on kron4. it is
8:20 am
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8:22 am
>> the time is a 21 and we will get to weather and a minute the first georgia has
8:23 am
a hot spot. >> it is a stall in san bruno on the connecting ramp from south down interstate 280. it is leading onto 380. headed towards the airport and is a single stall. it is managed to back up traffic all the way to the highway 1 01 turned off. not quite to west like but close. if you are taking to 80 to the airport this morning, give yourself an extra 10 to 15 minutes. the bay bridge toll plaza has hardly any weight at all now. drive times are 14 to 16 minutes regardless of your approach. the san mateo bridge should have been jammed up an hour ago and is still running light. and 11 to 13 minute drive time. we caught a break here. the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound you will find a pretty smooth ride
8:24 am
with no delays across the span. still a pretty smooth commute through marin county. drive times are 34 to 36 minutes from about towed to the golden gate bridge. >> the white house is plan b wae speaker's plan to release key taxes from rising for most americans. a full bill which includes spending cuts will not be arrived by it the 31st. it appears it will be a full deal on fiscal cliff negotiations and tax increases for the wealthiest americans and spending cuts at well or there'll be no deal at all. a live look for paramount tam cam on this very cold wednesday morning. we will be right back.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> not warming up very much. the bay area waking up to cold temperatures this morning. he does see this when chilled covered and ice on a card oakland fruit bell district. morning temperatures in oakland were in the 30's with a high is there expected today in the mid-50s. i just break down into the scraping. the wind chill wipers what work.
8:28 am
russia's parliament has given preliminary approval to a measure banning the adoption of russian children by americans. this is a harsh retaliatory moves against u.s. human-rights legislation. to become law the measure would have to pass a third reading in the duma, the lower house of parliament. then clear the upper house the for going to present vladimir p. 10 for his signature. it is not it appears likely. close to 1000 russian children were adopted by u.s. families last year. >> facebook mark slugger bird is giving 18 million shares worth nearly $500 million to the non-profit silicon valley community foundation which works and education and health initiatives. is this a big nation since he joined the giving pledge, the bill gates-warren buffett organization that has as the wealthiest people in u.s. to give away half of their wealth. zuckerberg has are
8:29 am
given $100 million to the network new jersey school system. we are in the '20s and some of the cold spots in the bay area this morning. we will be right back.
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> it has not been too bad this morning but we are tracking a hot spot. if you're coming from the sunset district to the sfo, two 80 southbound slowing up as you come through daly city before the highway one turned out. at last all the way down to 383 san bruno. we have a stall near the connecting ramp on the eastbound 380 to 280 southbound. i do not believe they have managed to clear that stall yet. according to chp, they may still be waiting on a tow truck. give
8:32 am
yourself an extra 10 to 15 minutes if you are trying to catch a flight at as after all. >> let's get to the weather. it does not seem to want to warm up, even though it is sunny. it is so cold. in walnut creek generally there are not any clouds out there. >> lots of sun sigsunshine. sana rosa and napa are at 29 degrees. same deal for a vallejo. fairfield as in the mid-20s. navato at the freezing level 32. san francisco is the mildest spot on the map with 40 degrees. san mateo, 31 fremont is at 33 and pleasanton is at 29. some of these numbers of feel like you are in the mid twenties
8:33 am
when you factor in the wind chill. now everyone is getting a wind chill but it is a very cold start. sunny for the afternoon and you may see some reason conditions at time throughout the day. tomorrow we're waiting for rain to a rise. the weekend is looking unsettled. when i come back we'll talk about the 74 cast including the winter storm warning. it is a major snowstorm that could impact your travel plans as you are heading out of town for the holiday weekend. >> will tran joins us live this morning freezing his buns off. i like the cold breath there, and san jose. >> i knew it was lying to be called today. it took me by surprise just how cold it is. check this out. and we are in the shade. some people can't get their
8:34 am
coffee fast enough. we are also getting fast reaction from people who cannot wait to get their coffee and run back to their buildings this morning. here is what people had to say about the weather conditions. >> really, really cold. it is almost like being in tahoe, without the snow. >> up we were told it was going to be cold today, i am surprised how cold it is. are you surprised? >> a little bit. i thought it would be warmer. it is is really cold. >> we are real californians. where are you from? >> pennsylvania. >> you are used to this then? >> yes. >> where is his coat!? >> he is is a walking with
8:35 am
is ice coffee. 36 years he has been here and it has not adjusted. >> i have my coffee, it is my warmer for the day. >> when you leave the house that you're all bundled up the you think you have the scars and jacket. do you think you have enough for the rest of the day? >> when my coworker opens the door i will have the he and i will be ok. >> stay warm out there. back to the nice warm studio. never complain about the cold again. >> the thing about the coffee is you have the calories, it is more than about. on i go and get a little warmers. is a dollar for a packet. >> both handwarmers? >> yes
8:36 am
>> that's right! what they keep you warm and it's not expensive. >> it is light at 66 degrees in here darya. >> it is chili! >> right. gun sales at one gun shop in livermore are through the roof. randy collins, owner of the j and r gun supplies out says he believes sales at his shop have skyrocketed because people are concerned about two things their own protection and possible changes to gun laws. he says an past holiday season he would sell anywhere from 10 to 20 t per day. since yesterday morning alone he has made over 100 gun sales. he says he'd despite the high demand for guns from his shop he still uses discretion as to home he sells to. he refuses to sell
8:37 am
to anyone who seems even mildly suspicious. schools that the on the mind of the nation these days and a student at montclair elementary school in oakland at just that assurance from the oakland police department. oakland police chief howard jordan showed up at the school to show his appreciation for all kinds of the kind words they wrote him a few months ago. keith jordan says he will wanted the kids to know that the police are approachable, reresponsible and will keep them safe at home and on the streets and in school. steve jordan says this trip was planned before the new town shooting happened. he did not talk about the incident and the kids did not ask about it. >> outside is a chilly morning around the bay. we will see the sun shine, we just will not feel it. we will be right back.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> knew this morning just in time for the holidays thousands of groceries being given away in san francisco. glide memorial church is giving out the food and mike pelton is live on the scene. >> the line continues to move at glide memorial. people are collecting their
8:41 am
free bag of groceries. this is the end of the line here were people receive the bags of food. let me show you how many people are still waiting in line. i am on ellis street and goes all the way down and wraps around jones. lots of people are waiting to get food. allied plans to give out 5500 bags of groceries that come with turkey or chicken. the people that receive the food say it means a lot >> it helps. it helps out real good. when you're all by yourself and your family is waiting for you it is called the blue who walk. >> this goes on until 1230 or until they run out of food. i just talked to one of the members of the glide staff and asked her if they thought everyone would receive a bag of food. she said it was too early to
8:42 am
tell. you can see the demand is very high today. >> a lot of people in need. thanks for the update. >> 840 is the time and it is still cold and the bay area. people and how are saying please, this is cold. they are getting ready for some snow fall that is coming up. there before days of good skiing with four days of french power. -- fresh powder. we will be back.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> a couple of things to bring you up to speed on but this couple crossing the wires right now the state department. the security chief and two others in the state department had resigned after the report on the benghazi attack came out this week. we are
8:46 am
anticipating more testimony before congressional committees later on this week regarding that attack on september 11th and benghazi. this is the latest fallout. the state department security chief and two others resigned as a result of the benghazi report that just came out earlier this morning. also falling the latest out of washington we are expecting the president to announced the creation of a task force whose a job it will be to create new policies to prevent others school shootings like what we sought in conn. vice president joe biden has been tasked with spearheading the movement for new legislation. what legislation will they be pushing for? a and aide says it will likely pursue tightening of current gun laws including a ban on assault style weapons and a ban on large clips. we are
8:47 am
watching this live shot, when the president comes forward we will share that with you live. >> it is 846 right now and we want to get an update on a hot spot from george. >> the hot spot on the peninsula and san bruno stall from the 280 ramp to ease some 380 managed to back up the traffic into daly city nearly two west like boulevard. we still have sluggish traffic moving past the highway one connector but it is already starting to clear out now. the stall is gone. so give yourself an extra five to 10 minutes if you are heading to sfo and coming down to 280 to get there. also an update from ben lomond where we had a problem on highway 9 from land harbor, a tree down late last night. the g and he had to string some wires across the highway and they're saying that the roadway will be closed
8:48 am
likely until 5:00 p.m.. it had been estimated that they would be opening at 1030 but it was pushed down to five. traffic is running as normal and a beach or has been set up. people are obeying the signs. >> it is a very cold morning out there but numbers are in proving a little bit in some spots. now tell is at 34 degrees, it is so cold. the layout is 29, fairfield in the mid-20s. a lot of 30's this morning. fremont is at 37 degrees. the day planner for today, dress in layers today. we will see lots of sunshine for the afternoon. it will become cloudy and that means temperatures will not drop as much tonight. tomorrow morning will be chilly but not as cold. we're also looking at the possibility for some rain.
8:49 am
satellite and radar pictures shows dry conditions but clouds moving in late tonight. it will be ahead of a pretty big storm that is coming this way. it is are ready impacting oregon and washington. we will see it by thursday, friday and saturday. not good news for those planning to travel especially on friday. tonight at 8:00 we are looking at clouds and increasing starting in from the north. the rain chances go up on thursday, especially in the north bay. tomorrow, late afternoon for san rows of myeloma, the yellow is moderate to heavy rain. we have cold air in place and winter storm watch is in place for tahoe for friday and saturday. also ukiah and shasta county. winter storm warning is in effect. we are expecting snowstorms for friday and saturday and those locations headed north or east. you
8:50 am
want to make sure you prepare for the weather. today's high is 53 degrees, 54 an oakland 53 in san and sale. 7 day around the bay changes come thursday and friday's but the lows are not as cold. generally '40's and 30's the next couple of mornings not like today. more widespread rain on friday and snow and the mountains. travelers, keep that in mind. saturday we are also looking for showers. christmas eve looks to be dry. snowbound. ski reports they got fresh powder and they will get more. sarah tide this note is 14 in. and the last 24 hours. norstar working on the base 5 to 8 in.. squaw valley picking up almost 8 in. as well. the base of nine to 78 in.. the surges on the morgan hill for a
8:51 am
bank robbery. police released a photo from a surveillance camera. they say the man grabbed the wells fargo bank at the corner of monterey road and main street about 145 saturday afternoon. he passed a note to the teller demanding money and said that he had a gun. no gun was seen in all was hurt but the man escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash. he was last seen heading south on monterey road. >> police are searching for a man who robbed a bank in >>. these are those taken from the banks surveillance video from the bank on ralston ave. authorities say the suspect into the bank and that money from a teller before running off. no one was hurt. bank employees describe the suspect as a white male adult between the age of 25 to 35 years old and between five but nine to 6 ft. tall. >> it is a breakthrough on the basketball court. have
8:52 am
you been ready for the rise of media you have been getting? >> no i wasn't. it is not what i was expecting. >> 51 year old >> anyone who is elegy bt should follow their heart. anyone who tells you you shouldn't doesn't know. >> we did not think about her being transsexual. she is 67, who doesn't want that? >> we do not a lot of players over 61, 62. >> i tried to create different knows what i did in the same our work on my outside moves a little more. >> facing stockton's those college those in the crowd
8:53 am
were getting their first glimpse of lewd weight and action. >> she's not dominating anything but i did good the letter plate. >> the gabrielle ludwig is drying reactions from the public opinion. >> i know who i am, but they're a lot of letters to myself and i'm proud of myself. >> she has not ruled out playing at a four year program. >> and quick break as the kron4 morning news continues. this is chilly walnut creek and the traffic is bumper-to-bumper on the right-hand side. current
8:54 am
temperature right now and walnut creek is a 34 degrees. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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8:57 am
actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue. >> welcome back. complaining about the weather >> are you saying i complain too much? >> not all. (laughter) tomorrow clouding apps and rain tomorrow evening. rain friday evening and saturday morning. showers saturday into sunday and another storm comes in on monday. bringing stand on his way. looks like rain on the forecast monday and tuesday. we should start to clear out of bed by christmas eve. >> storms, rain, ok i'm
8:58 am
complaining. >> these are pictures coming out of the white house for any moment now we expect the president to come to the podium. from what we understand he will be announcing a creation of a task force whose jobs will be to create or at least push for new policies to prevent what we saw in conn. a white house aide came out to the podium a minute ago so maybe they are getting ready to come out. we'll be back with live coverage in just a minute.
8:59 am
9:00 am
(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> top stories we're following president obama launching a gun control task force this morning. we are waiting to hear him speak live any moment. we will take you there is in as it happens. another chilly morning, here is a live look at san jose. we are looking at how cold it is right now.
9:01 am
>> we are talking about it, it doesn't make it any better. >> we saw numbers in the 20's and 30's this morning. i guess the good news is the cold will probably stay. >> we will see clouds later on today and will act like a blanket. it will insulate and hold on to some of the one that we get throughout the day. it is still cold but we are slowly improving on these numbers. now that is at 32 degrees, navato is at 36 degrees, downtown san francisco is in the '40's. and pleasanton 32, concord 37 but the windchill makes it feel like you are in the mid-20s at times. it is still a very cold morning. the rest of today, lots of sunshine when she gets through the chilly temperatures. maybe still chilly and the day because we have some reason conditions we can see today.
9:02 am
tomorrow we will start to see changes in the north bay late evening rain are arriving in unsettling through the weekend. >> the present as now live at the white house, let's listen in. >> good morning everybody. it has now been five days since the heart breaking tragedy in new town conn. three days since we have gathered information to pray for the victims. today to more of the 20 small children and the educator there were taken from us will be laid to rest. we may not know all the reasons that this tragedy happened. we do know that every day since more americans have died of gun violence. such violence has terrible consequences for society. if there is even one thing we can do to prevent any of these events we have a deep obligation, all of us, to try. over the past five days
9:03 am
of the discussion has re- emerged as to what we might do not only to beat her mass shootings in the future but to reduce the epidemic that is played by this country every single day. it is imperative that people of all different backgrounds and beliefs and political persuasions are willing to challenge old assumptions and change longstanding positions. that conversation have to continue but this time the words need to lead to action. we know that this is a complex issue that stirs up deeply held passions and political divides. as i said on sunday night? there is no law or set of laws that can prevent every senseless act of violence in our society. we need to work on making access to mental health care at least as easy as making access to a gun. we also need to look at coulters
9:04 am
that glorify guns and violence. any actions we must take must began inside the home and inside our hearts. the fact that this problem is complex can no longer be an excuse to do nothing. the fact that we can't prevent every act of violence does not mean we can not federally reduce the violence. also prevent the very worst violence. that is why i have asked the last president to lead an effort that includes members of my cabinet and outside organizations to come up with a set of concrete proposals no later than january. i'd then intend to push those without delay. this is not some washington commission. this is not something more folks will be studying the issue for six months and publishing a report that gives red and then pushed aside. this is
9:05 am
the eighth team that has a very specific task to put together real reforms right now. i asked joe to lead this effort and partly because he wrote the 1990 crime enforcement that help bring down crime in this country. that bill also included in the assault weapons ban that was publicly supported at the time by former presidents including ronald reagan. the good news is there is a growing consensus for us to go from. the majority of americans support banning of this sale of military-style assault weapons. the majority of americans support banning the sale of high capacity ammunition clips. the majority of americans support running a background check before all gun purchases so that karen else cannot take advantage of loopholes from someone who will not take the responsibility who would not
9:06 am
do a background check at all. i urge congress to duties of 98¢ next year and a timely matter. the atf is working closely with state law enforcement to keep the hands out othe guns out of the f criminals. like the majority of americans i agree that the constitution allows us to have the right to bear arms. it is then handed down to us from generation to generation. throughout the country there are regional differences and differences how people feel and urban areas and rural areas. the fact is the vast majority of gun owners and america are responsible. they buy their guns legally and used them safely. weather for hunting
9:07 am
or sporting or collection or protection. i am also betting the majority, the vast majority of responsible law-abiding gun owners would be some of the first to say we should be able to keep an irresponsible law breaking beef from having a gun. they do not think that at using a gun and using common sense are compatible ideas. and on balance man should not be able to get his hands on a military-style assault rifle so easily. and this age of technology we should be able to check someone's criminal records before he or she can check out at a gun show. if we work harder to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people there will be fewer tragedies like the one in newtown or any of the lesser known tragedies that have visited small towns or big cities in america every
9:08 am
day. since friday morning, the police officer was gunned down in memphis leaving for children without their mother. two officers were killed outside a grocery store in topeka. a woman was shot and killed inside a loss vegas casino. three people were shot inside and alabama hospital. aid for year-old was caught in a drive-by in missouri. taken off life-support just yesterday. each one of these americans was a victim of everyday gun violence that takes the lives of more than 10,000 americans every year. the islands and that we cannot accept as routine. i will use all the powers of this office to help advance efforts aimed at preventing more tragedies like this. we will prevent them all but that will not be an excuse to not try. it won't be easy
9:09 am
but that can't be an excuse not to try. i am not going to be able to do it by myself. ultimately it this effort is to succeed it will require the help of the american people. it will require all of view. the if we are going to change anything it will take a wave of americans. mothers and fathers and daughters and sons pastor's law enforcement and health professionals and yes don't aldergun owners standing up and saying enough on behalf of our kids. it will take a lot of courage. those of us better to serve the public trust can summon even one tiny iota of courage to if cooperation and common sense prevail we can make a
9:10 am
sensible intelligent way to make the united states of america a safer, starter plays for children to learn and grow. yankeethank you. i wil take a few questions now let the vice president go. >> i wanted to ask you about another issue concerning this town. the fiscal cliff. how did you betrayed the voters by changing your position on the tax increase and by including and social security benefits and this makes. it seems there seems that the dutch entered negotiations are not going well right now. will we be able to not go over the cliff? >> first of all, there is no reason why we shouldn't. remember what i said during the campaign? i said it was
9:11 am
important for us to reduce our deficit in a balanced and responsible way. i said it was important for us to make sure that millionaires and billionaires paid their fair share. i said that we would have to make some tough cuts and decisions on the spending side. what i would not do was hurt by hon. family's only to pay for a tax cut for someone like me. what i said was the ultimate package would involve a balance of spending cuts and tax increases. that is exactly what i have put forward. what i said was an order to arrive at a compromise i am prepared to do some very tough things. some things that some democrats don't want to see and there are fewer republicans that want to see either. the only way to be able to stabilize the economy and make sure that
9:12 am
we have a platform for long- term economic growth and get our deficit under control. we make sure that middle- class families are protected and we come up with something that members of both parties in congress can support. that is the planned i put forward. i have gone at least half way in meeting some of the republicans' concerns. recognizing that even though we campaigned on these issues and be a majority of americans agree with me that we should be raising taxes on the wealthiest deal as a means of reducing the deficit i have also said i am willing to identify some spending cuts that make sense. frankly, i was told a couple of days ago and if you look at the republicans in the house and speaker john banner were in position
9:13 am
to say we have gotten a fair deal. the fact that they have not taken it yet it is puzzling. i think it is a question you'll have to address to them. i remain optimistic know. if you look at what the speaker has proposed he has conceded that income tax rates should go up. he said right now the only ones to have them go up for millionaires. if you're making 900,000 somehow the things you cannot afford to not pay a little more in taxes. he has conceded. i have said i am willing to make some cuts. what separates us is probably a hundred billion dollars. the idea that we would put our economy at risk because you can't bridge that gap does not make a lot of sense. i will continue to talk to the speaker and the other leaders in congress.
9:14 am
ultimately they have to do their job. right now their job is to make sure that middle-class taxes do not go up and that we have a balanced responsible package of deficit reduction. it is therefore all to see. it is a deal that can get done. it is not going to be it cannot be done if every side wants ponder%. part of what voters are looking for is some compromise up here. that is what folks what. they understand they're not going to get under percent of what they want. for some reason the message has not yet taken up on capitol hill. when you think about what we have gone through over the last couple of months a devastating hurricane, now one of the worst tragedies in our memory. the country
9:15 am
deserves folks to be willing to compromise on behalf of the greater good. not tangle themselves up and a whole bunch of ideological positions that don't make sense. i remained not only open to conversation but eager to get something done. i would like to get it done before christmas. there has been a lot of posturing on capitol hill instead of just going ahead and getting stepped down. we have been wasting a lot of time. it is the right thing to do, i am prepared to get it done but they are going to have to go at and make some adjustments. one other example is the speaker is now proposing what he calls plan b period he says this would raise taxes on people
9:16 am
making a million dollars or more. an average of a $50 tax break on every million after. it actually means the tax increase for millions of working families across the country. the same time that folks like me would be getting a tax break. that violates core principles that were debated during the election. the american people but determine that there is the wrong way to go. my hope is that the speaker and his office in conjunction with the other legislative leaders out there can find a way to make sure that middle-class families and not see their taxes go on january 1st. that would make sure that those things that middle- class family, on light credits for college or
9:17 am
making sure they get help when it comes to raising their kids like the child tax credit against down. also we have a balanced package which is exactly what i put forward. if you look at the package i have put forward it is a balanced package by any definition. we have put forward real cuts and spending that are hard to deal very in every category. by any measure, by any traditional calculation by measures that republicans themselves have used and the past this would be as large a deficit reduction we have seen in the last 20 years. and you combine that with the increased revenue from
9:18 am
the wealthy paying a little more than you actually have something that would stabilize our deficit and debt for a decade. the notion that we would not do that but instead the speaker would run a play that keeps tax cuts for folks making 500 or 700 to $900,000 a year and gives more tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires and raises taxes on middle-class families and has no cuts and that. this is what he says he wants. it does not make much sense. let's think about the logic for a segment. you're thinking about voting for raising taxes at least on folks over a million which they say they don't want to deal but they are going to reject spending cuts but they say
9:19 am
they do want to do. that defies logic. there is no explanation for that. i think that any objective person out there looking would say that we put forward a very balanced plan and it is time for us to get it done. that is what the country needs right now. i think folks have been through some wrenching times and are still recovering from a very tough recession. what they're hoping for is a sense of stability, focus, compromise, common-sense over the next couple of years. i think we can provide it but this is a good test for it.
9:20 am
if the argument is that they cannot do increase tax rates on people making seven or $800,000 per year. that is not a persuasive argument and is not a persuasive argument for the american people. >> it may be that members of the caucus have not looked at exactly what we have proposed. it may be that if we provide more information
9:21 am
where there is greater specificity where we walked in some of their concerns. then we can get some movement. >> the fact of the matter is what would violate my commitment to voters is if i allow the plan to put more of the burden on middle- class families for and less of a burden on the wealthy in an effort to reduce our deficit. >> that is not something i'm going to do. >> it would violate my commitment to voters to put forward a plan that makes it harder for young people to go to college. that makes it harder what for families with a disabled kids to care for the kid. >> there is a threshold that you reach where the balance tips even in making compromises that are required to get something done in this town. where you are hurting people in order
9:22 am
to give another event to folks would not need help. >> we had an extensive debate about this for a year. not only does the majority of the american people agree with me, about half the republican voters agree with me on this. >> at some point there has got to be recognition on the part of my republican friends that take the deal. they will be able to claim that they have worked with me over the last two years to reduce the deficit more than any other deficit reduction package. >> that we will have stabilized and for 10 years that is significant achievement for them. they should be proud of it. they keep on finding ways to say no as opposed to finding ways to say yes. >> i do not know how much of
9:23 am
that has to do with it is very hard for them to say yes to me. at some points they have got to take me out of it. they have to think about the voters. >> about what is best for the country. if they do that, if they are not worried about who was winning it was losing that they score a point on the president to strike that last little concession. force him to do something he really does not want to do just for the heck of it. and they focus on what is actually good for the country i think we can actually get this done. >> are you willing to move on income level. >> i am not going to get on
9:24 am
to specific negotiations. my point is if you look x speaker banner's proposal as-speakerboehners proposal in my proposal they are pretty close. >> they're the same categories. there is a little bit of its weak here and there there are a few differences. we are right there. on the revenue side there is a difference in terms of them wanting to preserve tax breaks for folks between 250 at a million that we cannot afford. >> keep in mind i am in that income category. i would love not to pay as much in taxes. also this is the right thing to do for us to make sure that people have less, people are working, people were striving, people
9:25 am
are hoping for the kids that they have opportunity. that is what we campaigned about. that is what we talked about. >> off this is not a situation where i am unwilling to compromise. this is not a situation where i am trying to rub their faith in anything. i think anybody looks at this objectively will say coming off my election i have met them halfway. in order to get something done. i notice there were a couple of headlines saying that we are now in the lead of political posturing and it is the usual he said atmosphere. look at the facts. look at where we started. look at where they started. my proposal is in the middle. >> we should be able to get this done and get it done we don't have a lot time. >> thank you mr. president.
9:26 am
what is your level of confidence that if you are able to reach a comprehensive deal with the speaker that you will be able to bring the numbers on board to get passed? do you trust speaker braiboehner in this process. >> there is no doubt that the speaker has challenges in his caucus. i've often reminded when irepublican leadet the majority of their caucus membership comes from district that i lost. so sometimes they may not see an incentive in cooperating with me in part because they are more concerned about challenges from a tea party
9:27 am
candidate, or challenges from the right and cooperating with me make the mobile. >> i recognize that. but, goodness if this past week has done anything it should give us some perspective. if there is one thing we should have after this week it should be a sense of perspective about what is important. i would like to think that members of the caucus would say to themselves, you know what we disagree with the president on a bunch of things we wish the other guy had 11. we will fight him about a range
9:28 am
of issues over the next four years and we think his philosophy is screwed up. right now the country needs for us to compromise and get a reduction deal in place. make sure middle-class taxes do not go up. make sure we are laying the foundation to give certainty to businesses large and small. not put ourselves through some sort of self inflicted crisis every six months. allow ourselves time to focus on things like preventing the tragedy in new town from happening again. focus on soissues like energy and immigration reform. all of the things that will make a determination as to whether the country grows over the next four years, 10 years, 40 years. if you just pull back from the immediate political battle. if you
9:29 am
peel off the partisan war game than we should be able to get something done. i think the speaker would like to get that done. i think in and buy it needs to create with aand the house caucus. let us do what is right for the country at least for the next month and then we can read and gauge and all the other battles--reengage in all the of the battles. >> i have been very clear about this. this is the united states of america. the greatest country on earth the world's economic superpower. the idea that we
9:30 am
lurched from crisis to crisis and every six months or every nine months that we threaten not to pay our bills on stuff we have already bought and the fault and run the credit of the united states of america. that is not how you run a great country. i put forth a very clear principle. i will not negotiate or brown the debt signal. --are round the debt signal--around the debt signal. >> i am not alone in this.
9:31 am
if you go to wall street including talking to folks who spent a lot of money trying to beat me they would say it would be disastrous for us to use the debt ceiling to try and win political points on capitol hill. >> we're not going to do that. which is why i think part of what i hope over the next couple of days we see is a recognition that there is a way to go ahead and get what it is we have been fighting for. you guys have been fighting for spending cuts. it's a very meaningful spending cuts. this would amount to two trillion dollars in spending cuts over the last couple of years. >> in exchange they are getting a little over a
9:32 am
trillion dollars in revenue. that meets the pledge i made during the campaign which was $2.50 of spending cuts for every revenue increase. that is the kind of approach i think most americans think is appropriate. >> i would not negotiate around the debt ceiling will not do that again. >> yes i have david jackson. and the gun issue you have included that we do not have the greatest play in place. the passage of time in the political power of the power to affect the political rights. >> this is not going to be a commission. joe is going to gather up some key cabinet members who have an interest in this issue we are going to reach out to a bunch of stakeholders. we will reach out to members of congress
9:33 am
who have an interest in this issue. it is not as if we have to start from scratch. there are a bunch of proposals that have been thought about and debated hopefully some new ideas in terms of how we deal with this issue. >> their task will be to sift through every good idea that is out there. and even take a look at bad ideas before disposing of them. and to come up with a concrete set of recommendations in about one month. >> i would hope that our memories are not so short that what we saw in new town isn't lingering with us that we do not remain passionate only a month later. as soon as we did those recommendations i will be putting forward very specific proposals. i will be talking about them in my
9:34 am
state of the union. we will be working with interested members of congress to try and get something done. the idea that we would say this is terrible this is a tragedy never again and we do not have the sustained attention span to be able to get this done over the next several months does not make sense. >> i have more confidence in the american people than that. i have more confidence in the parents, the mothers of the fathers that i have been meeting over the last several days all across the country from all political persuasions. including gun owners who say this time we have got to do things different. >> what about the nra? >> the nra is an organization that has
9:35 am
members who are mothers and fathers. i would expect that they have been impacted by this as well. hopefully they will do some self reflection. here is what we know that any single glove law cannot solve all of these problems. we will have to look at mental health issues. we will have to look at schools. there will be a range of things that joe's group looked at. >> we know that issues of gun safety will be an element. what we have seen over the last 20 to 15 years is the sense that anything related to guns is somehow an encroachment of the second amendment. what we are looking for is a thoughtful approach that says we can preserve our second amendment. we can make sure responsible gun
9:36 am
owners are able to carry out their activities. but we are going to be serious about the safety side of this. we are going to be serious about making sure something like new town or aurara does not happen again. there is a big chunk of space between what the second amendment means and having no rules call. the space is what joe is going to work on to identify where we can find common ground. i will take one last question. >> you seem to have in your first term you made a point not to talk about gun violence. you have your
9:37 am
position on renewing the ban on semiautomatic rifles. but you did not do much about it. this is not the first issue with terrific gun violence of your four years. where have you been? >> here is where i've been jake i have been president of the nine states dealing with the worst economic crisis as the great depression. we were on the verge of collapse. two wars. i do not think i have been on vacation. i think all of us have to do some reflection on how we prioritize what we do here in washington. >> as i said on sunday this should be a wake-up call for all of us to say if we are not getting right the need to keep our children safe than nothing else matters.
9:38 am
it is my commitment to make sure that we do everything we can to keep our children safe. a lot of things are involved in that jake. making sure they have decent health care in a good education. making sure their parents have jobs. those are all relevant as well. those are not just side issues. there is no doubt this has to be a central issue and that is exactly why i'm confident that joe will take this seriously over the next couple months. >> thank you everybody. >> so there again the president live at the white house announcing what he would like to see congress do which initiate new legislation that would carve the sale of assault rifles and then those high capacity ammunition clips among other things including improved health care for mental health. >> a lot will come out of the speech. we have
9:39 am
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news other than a multi vehicle accident 1 01 southbound at blyth del. numerous, and to vehicles and are intended spirit the traffic is backed up all the way into the bottle. the drive time was about half that before the accident occurred. nine minutes. 4101 south bound. ice has been reported in lima for highway 1. caltrans crews had to come out and send the interchange for francis drake boulevard and highway 1. >> also a crash in the northbound direction in the san ramon valley here in danville. it is a traffic jam in both directions. thank you george the big story in weather is how cold is let us take a look at current temperatures.
9:43 am
finally novato into the '30's. that was a cool spot this morning. everyone else in the mid '30's or the low '40's. we will be right
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news covering bay area weather and a very cold morning. >> will tran live in san jose where it has been a '30's this morning. barr >> to things that will not happen today i can guarantee one is that anyone will be outside tracking coffee on the steel chairs and tables. to long conversations. call me. i would not talk to you is to go out there. >> let me give you some sound and reactions from people thought it would be cold but not like this. >> i cannot my car door. it was frozen. >> you cannot open the car door? >> no i is betneed r
9:47 am
barack. >>--and no i need a bigger goal warage. >> why do not have a jacket? >> i am a dork. >> can you believe your friend has no jacket. >> are you to defer your jacket? >> no. >> i can tell you for many people the law is part of the day's winning for the light turned green so they can cross the street a couple of coffee. >> that we send it back to you. let me hop in one of the rest of to try to get warm. >> you have to get yourself in the sun. >> that is true. >> the airport in san jose
9:48 am
is down to 32. san jose mineta down to 34. cold in the north bay. some pitchers getting into the twenties we factor in the wind chill it feel like the mid-20s. these numbers are improving. no more 20s on the map at this hour. we are in the '30's for napa. 37 and novato. 40 in daly city. 44 oakland as well. vallejo concord in the '30's. improve from this morning. >> it was a chilly start this morning hopefully you are dressed in layers a lot of sunshine for the afternoon is still will be chilly. temperatures struggling to get into the 50s. the clout to act like a blanket to keep temperatures from falling too far. -- mcleod tthe cloud.
9:49 am
>> the system for the northwest a sliding to our air. it will bring a chance for light rain from thursday starting in the north bay. >> tonight i am not worry about the rain some cloudy conditions and will not be as cold. temperatures in the '30's and 40's by tomorrow morning. thursday afternoon we are looking at increasing clout is guys as well. you see the showers and the rain to the north was. some of us will be heavy. it is a cold system. snow in parts of ukiah. a winter storm warning in effect for thursday friday, saturday, even lake tahoe a winter storm watch. things will be pretty messy if you're heading out of town friday. >> 53 in downtown sentences go. 53 for haywood for. lower fifties for vallejo. a lot of those will be in the low 50s. again it will feel chilly. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast
9:50 am
shows cloudy tomorrow a slight chance for rain tomorrow. generally laid in the afternoon evening for the north bay. friday the rain becomes widespread. saturday looking at some rain. showers for the rest of the week. right now christmas eve we have a chance for showers banned. tuesday for christmas day should be dry. the snow also falling for the lake tahoe area. here's no bomb scare report prepared tahoe no new snow in the last 24 hours. they will be adding to then the next few days. north stock picking up one to 2 in. of powder. what vallesqaw vy inch. >> at most a vehicle accident occurred at it on boulevard the accident
9:51 am
cleared from the lane. there's still some more the vehicles present at the scene. possibly still blocking the right-hand lane nearly a 50 minute drive time. for the commute from 1 01 south bound. highway one icy conditions reported where sir francis drake we tie 1. they're using chp to slow the traffic detritus caltran cruz to san it tried to get caln cruised to salt it. >> one bright spot the bridges this morning take for example the bay bridge and no back up or delays westbound. >> thank you george school buses are back on the streets of new town conn but so are the funeral processions. renee marsh joins us from new town. of
9:52 am
small-town try to cope. >> friends and family bid a final farewell to teacher pictorial soto today she is called a hero for protecting her students in our final moment. >> she would not hesitate to save anyone else before self. >> more children are also being laid to rest. >> they are costly sending their children at school with extra security and counselors on hand. >> i just naturally would love to keep my kids in a bubble what i know you cannot live that way. >> off the close-knit community is forever changed because of the 20 children will never return to class. >> in four hours to funerals were held yesterday at st. rose of lima church. >> i am watching a sea of people leaving a funeral for a child and another sea of people waiting at the side of the church tried to get an for the next general. this is beyond words. >> investigation continues into what sparked the shooting rampage.
9:53 am
>> adam ;anza left his mass computer is home so far investigators are unable to retrieve the data. >> toxicology test from the way to determine whether he had been taking any medication. >> school safety is on the minds of everyone in the nation these days. in said montclair elementary in oakland reassurance from the oakland police department. oakland police chief howard jordan showed up at the school to show his appreciation for all of the kind words that they have written over the months chief jordan says he once the kids to know police are approachable responsible and will keep them safe at home on the streets and at school. >> we care about these kids. we want to let them know their letters to god in the cause of death. i read all of them personally and were very moved by them. chief gordon says he actually plan to go to a school before the shooting in new town happen. he did not talk about the
9:54 am
shooting and the kids did not ask about it. apparently the class was talking about september 11th in the first responders police and fire that is why the kids wrote the letter to chief jordan. >> a live look from mount tam as we see clear skies very cold temperatures. oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough
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time magazine is out with was a tough choice for the icon a person of the year. it is president obama is this year's choice. being outfitted including ya hoo ceo marisa mayor, apple ceo tim cook, a to president mohamed morsi and bill and hillary clinton. >> at this as for the past 85 years, time and then select the person or persons if editors didn't have the single greatest impact during the past year. >> let us take a look at a
9:58 am
heavenly. we have jim mcalpine their. conditions are top-notch we sketched squaw yesterday's we are heading to alpine. the cold is bring amazingly good stow. we have is moderate with some sunshine than what every skier bucks to hear multiple power days ahead. >> a quick check of a 7 day for cash on a sponsor coming here it will be snow in the sierras respecting rain thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday will range hours on christmas eve. >> we will see you back here tomorrow morning. the letter. >> dr.
9:59 am
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